Hackathon Hero(es)

R20 000 | Cape AI Hackathon powered by Zindi

Do you have what it takes to predict whether or not a customer is about to take an item from a shelf?
The Cape AI team is pleased to announce that they are partnering with Zindi on their latest hackathon for Indaba𝕏.
Test your ability to read shoppers and be rewarded with a prize from our R20 000 prize pot. The Cape AI x Indaba𝕏 Hackathon is all about predicting whether or not a stream of 30 video frames from a real customer’s shopping session contains a “take” action.

Participation in the hackathon is restricted to Indaba𝕏 attendees and individuals currently living in South Africa. Full rules on the Zindi competition page.

Sign up to the hackathon with your code*

*the code is available from Friday the 27th of August. It will be provided once you've signed up to our mailing list and will be posted on the community forum

Coolest coder

R10 000

rewards outstanding code-based projects or contributions to open-source code; an emphasis lies on best practices in software development and innovative solutions

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Most Rigorous Researcher

R10 000

rewards outstanding contributions or a single outstanding contribution to machine learning research; a focus on impact for South Africa will be considered favourably

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InstaDeep's Extraordinary Engagement

R10 000

rewards extraordinary efforts in strengthening and growing the South African machine learning community

Submit or nominate an example of community engagement

Persistent Passion

R10 000

this is an open category for anyone who does not fit the above categories, but still deserves to be acknowledged for their diligent pursuit of machine learning, especially under adverse circumstances

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The competition rules are available here and must be followed strictly.