Travel grants ✈

Published on Mar 31, 2024

South African students can apply for travel grants in the application form.

We have some South African government funding available for fellowships so a select number of students can have their regional (within South Africa) transport and accommodation funded. The organising committee will organise major transport and accommodation only.

We will fund the most reasonable form of transportation that balances accessibility to the conference and economic expense. I.e., a bus may be the only appropriate option if flights are particularly expensive as flights for everyone may limit how many people we can fund and thus reduce accessibility of the conference.

Note that in the case of flights, transport to and from airports are at one’s own expense.

Accommodation may be in a shared (single gender) dorm.

Terms and conditions for the awarding of a travel grant

  1. A “travel grant” totalling the amount specified in the award letter communicated via email will be transferred to you.
  2. The travel grant must be used for travel expenses to and from the Deep Learning IndabaX South Africa, hereafter referred to as “IndabaX”.
  3. Any travel grant money remaining after travel expenses have been paid may be used for sustenance expenses during the IndabaX. Sustenance expenses include food and beverages.
  4. The money may not be used for any other purpose whatsoever.
  5. Any balance remaining after travel and sustenance expenses have been paid shall be repaid to us within a week of the final date of the event.
  6. Receipts must be kept for all expenditure and copies of the receipts must be sent to within a week of the final date of the event.
  7. If your travel grant is insufficient to cover all of your travel expenses, we will not provide further funds unless extraordinary circumstances are present, which shall be determined at our full decision
  8. Once funds have been transferred to your account, should you fail to attend the event, you will be required to repay us the travel grant in full within a week.
  9. Accommodation is only provided for the dates specified (check-in 9th July 2024, check-out 13th July 2024). You are welcome to arrive and leave at different dates but you must organise and pay for your own accommodation outside the specified date range.
  10. If your accommodation deposit has already been paid at the time that you inform us, or we become aware, that you are no longer attending, you will further be required to reimburse us the deposit on the accommodation. We will send you an invoice for the amount.
  11. Clause 10 will not be applicable if you are able to provide us with evidence of unknown and not reasonably foreseeable circumstances preventing you from attending, such as hospitalisation, and if such evidence is provided within 2 days of you becoming aware of said circumstances. Whether the circumstances are unknown, not reasonably foreseeable, and prevented you from attending, shall be at our determination.
  12. The parties consent to the jurisdiction of the Gauteng Division of the High Court of South Africa for any dispute arising from or relating to this agreement.