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What is our goal?

We want to facilitate the learning of others and give them opportunities.

  • Learn from African researchers and pioneers
  • Opportunity for one-on-one time with experts
  • Learn basic and advanced topics in ML

Cost and bursaries

The IndabaX is free for all students.

Travel grants

Furthermore, students can apply for a travel grant


Here are some tips to strengthen your next application:

  • Show that you are committed to learning more about machine learning. For example, if you’ve taken an online course (such as Andrew Ng’s Coursera course) you should mention it (and if you haven’t we would highly recommend doing so).
  • Talk about how you are already using, or how you plan to use, machine learning for your work or research.
  • Talk about how you are contributing to your local machine learning community. For example, do you organize meetup events, run lectures, or lead a study group?
  • Make sure you put plenty of effort into the application since this is one way for us to judge your interest in attending.
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Opening July 2022

Application period

July 2022 - 15 Sep 2022 22:00:00 UTC
notified October 2022 (approx)

Who should register?

The aim of the conference is to provide a practical introduction to machine learning for beginners, to exchange scientific knowledge amongst researchers, and showcase cutting-edge applications from industry partners.

Everyone is invited








Industry professional


Frequently asked questions

I’m not sure if I’m a good fit, should I still apply?

Yes! Give yourself every opportunity to succeed by applying in the first place.

The IndabaX is an opportunity to grow, explore, and learn new things while meeting amazing people along the way. Diverse backgrounds complement the experience and benefit the group dynamics; each participant will have their own journey to share.