3rd Sept - 26th Nov

South Africa




The Indaba𝕏 2021 will be held in the form of a Roadshow. The roadshow takes place from 3 September - 26 November and offers a series of events, each of which is hosted by a different team of local organisers and/or institutions. The local teams design the content of the event in close collaboration with the main IndabaX organising committee. The events can take the form of a lab showcase, hackathon, industry panel, student talks, ML pub quiz, or any other engaging, fun and informative activity.


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An equally important second pillar is the growth of a decentralised IndabaX South Africa community forum, where everyone can sign up and interact with each other. The space is a safe peer-to-peer platform for aspiring and seasoned South African machine learning enthusiasts to exchange knowledge, search for help, recruit talent and build an inclusive culture around data and ML. The forum will be moderated by experienced machine learning volunteers, who will staff dedicated office hours once a week for the duration of the road show. In these office hours, forum members can post questions (from “What do I need to study to become a machine learning expert?” to “How do I train a RNN in PyTorch?“ and “Where can I find a supervisor for a PhD investigating generalisation bounds in a PAC learning framework?”), and the experts will try to offer support - which may sometimes just be to forward the question to the right colleague.


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The third pillar of the IndabaX 2021 Roadshow is a competition in which participants can win monetary or material prizes. The competition will have different categories in which candidates can submit their past ML and data-based research projects. It will conclude at the end of the second month, and participants can actively use the forum for help with their submissions. The finale of the Roadshow will announce the winners, and thereby conclude the event.


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Who Are We?

We are volunteers from different institutions that have a passion for machine learning and sharing knowledge. Contact us to join the team!

What is Our Goal?

To strengthen ML in South Africa, especially during times of pandemic, in particular by

  • providing opportunities and support structures for students and young researchers,
  • bringing ML researchers and industry partners together to generate opportunities for students,
  • sharing ML knowledge generated locally to provide training, resources, and collaboration.

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Please send us an email at info@indabax.co.za

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Community sponsors

Our community is possible due to the valuable support of our sponsors. Their shared belief in our vision for a more connected and more advanced machine learning landscape in South Africa has propelled thousands of people forward.


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate how we learn and connect with each other. Crucially, we have had to rethink how to strengthen machine learning in South Africa.

From tragedy, there is the opportunity to adapt our approach to machine learning pedagogy. For example, online conferences and summer schools have provided access to knowledge at an unprecedented scale with limited restrictions on money or location. By transferring local seminars to online platforms, world-wide access to cutting-edge research is becoming globally democratized .

While the move online has made knowledge more accessible, reproducing live-event social experiences with online methods has proven difficult. Although there are innovative solutions, the results are distinctly different from a live experience.

The IndabaX prides itself on the focus it gives to the human connections formed through an intense conference journey. Thus, the organisers do not believe that a direct translation to an online conference from the traditional IndabaX schedule would replicate the magic for newcomers. To maintain the high standards of knowledge while promoting a strong community ethos, an in-person IndabaX South Africa will be postponed until 2022.

The Team That Put This All Together!