FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Ā  I’m arriving late on Tuesday, can I still register on Wednesday?

Yes! Come early (8am) to register on the Wednesday morning.

Ā  I have a travel grant or have booked accommodation through the IndabaX to stay at UCT, where is it?

The accommodation is at Fuller Hall, which is a 5 minute walk from the venue.

Directions can be found here.

Check-in is 24/7. Please bring your IndabaX name badge, ID or passport to check-in.


Ā  How much does it cost to attend the Indabaš•?

The Indabaš• is free to attend if you applied and are accepted. There are paid registration options for academics and industry professionals.

Speakers have their fees waived.

Ā  How much does it cost the Indabaš• per person?

Each person we have at the event costs the Indabaš• ~R1700. Considering we have 300 people, this is a lot of money. We are very grateful to our partners for making this possible.

As a community-orientated event, we are committed to making the Indabaš• as accessible as possible. We have a number of travel grants available to help people attend the Indabaš•. These are allocated at application time. See /register/travel-grants/ for more.

Ā  Can I get funding to attend the Indabaš•?

We have a limited number of travel grants that have awarded to applicants. These are allocated at application time. See /register/travel-grants/ for more.

One of the hardest decisions we make is allocating finite resources to infinite passion. We wish we could fund everyone, but we can’t. We are very grateful to our partners for making any of this possible.

If you need funding to attend, but did not get one this year, the best thing you can do is to apply again next year. We will be around and rotating the event across our beautiful country, and we will be trying our best to make the Indabaš• as accessible as possible.

Ā  How can I support the Indabaš•?

If you are an organisation, consider partnering with us to gain more visiblity and support the Indabaš•. If you are an individual, attending through paid registration options is also beneficial. If you are feeling particularly benevolent, consider donating.

Additionally, consider helping organise the event, volunteering at the event, shouting about the event, or just being a good human being.


Ā  Will there be coffee?

Yes, there will be coffee and tea available at certains times throughout the day!

Ā  Will there be food?

Yes, we will provide lunch on the 12th, 13th, and 14th July. We will also provide snacks and drinks throughout the day.

If you have an “Accommodation” travel grant (you will know this explicitly), we provide breakfast for you on the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th of July.

Each evening will have an activity with some food and drinks provided, but in limited quantities and not intended as a full dinner experience. We strongly encourage you to make friends and go explore the city for dinner.


Ā  Is Cape Town safe?

Cape Town is a beautiful city, but like any city, it has its problems. We recommend that you take the same precautions as you would in any other city.

The University of Cape Town has security guards on campus and in the residences.

In the city centre, there are security guards on every corner, making the city one of the safer places to be.


Ā  When should I arrive/leave Cape Town for the Indabaš•?

We suggest arriving the day before the Indabaš• starts (i.e. the 11th July) and leaving the day after the Indabaš• ends (i.e. the 15th of July).

Ā  How packed is the schedule?

Very. We have an awesome selection of speakers and activities to fill up the time from ~8:30 am until 5pm and beyond each day. The evening activities are normally optional, but we highly recommend you attend them for the full experience. Remember to take time for yourself, and to explore Cape Town and surrounds.

See more on the schedule page (updated over time).


Ā  Where is the Indabaš• exactly?

The 6th edition of Indabaš• will take place at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

We will be in the Kramer LT1-3 and the quad area of the Kramer Building on Middle Campus.

For more information, see also ABOUT

Ā  Is there parking on campus?

Yes, there is parking on campus. We will provide more information at registration.

Ā  How do I get to the venue from Cape Town International Airport?

The venue is a 30 minute drive from the airport. There are a number of options for getting to the venue from the airport:

  1. Taxi ~ R350 one way
  2. Drive (30 min)
  3. MyCiti bus to the City Centre and then a taxi to the venue

Ā  What are some things to do in Cape Town?

Explore Cape Town and surrounds, see UCT’s CMC Cape Town pageĀ for suggestions.

For on-campus activities,Ā you don’t have to venture far to explore these:

We know that your time is limited when attending a conference, but if you plan on travelling to Cape Town, we recommend visiting a few of our top attractions:

  • Table Mountain: The ride on the aerial cableway is a gentle one: the rotating state-of-the-art cable car takes visitors from the lower station to the top in around 5 minutes. You will be 1000 m above the city, and here in this unique location, you will find rock hyrax, lizards, butterflies and the odd porcupine. There is also a wide array of birdlife flying above great patches of fynbos, the Cape’s indigenous flora. Atop the mountain is a self-service buffet cafe while you can always pack a picnic and enjoy what still is part of a national park. Find out more on theĀ Table Mountain website
  • Robben Island is visited every year by thousands of people keen to understand and honour the important aspects of South Africa’s history that the island represents. Find out more on theĀ Robben IslandĀ website
  • V&A WaterfrontĀ is a precinct in the city centerĀ that offers a wide variety of attractions and activities to enjoy. From arts and culture, such as the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) to more leisurely pursuits such as a sunset cruise on one of the chartered boats berthed here or restaurants and shopping. Do pay a visit to The Watershed with local products, arts and crafts. Find out more on theĀ V&A Waterfront website.
  • Kirstenbosch National Botanical GardenĀ is one of the great botanic gardens of the world. Few gardens can match the sheer grandeur of the setting of Kirstenbosch with the slopes of Table Mountain as a backdrop. In summer, the gardens host open-air concerts and tickets usually sell fast. Find out more on theĀ Kirstenbosch Botanical GardensĀ website
  • Cape Winelands are for wine tasting, and a trip here is one of the best ways to spend a day in Cape Town. Combine the delicious wines with some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, century-old architecture, and awe-inspiring food, and it’s no surprise that it’s one of Cape Town’s most beloved activities for visitors and locals alike. Find out more on theĀ Cape Winelands website
  • Cape Point is the scenic outlook where rugged rocks and sheer cliffs tower more than 200 metres above the sea and cut deep into the ocean, providing a spectacular background for the park’s rich biodiversity. Cape Point falls within the southern section of Table Mountain National Park.Ā The natural vegetation of the areas ā€“ fynbos ā€“ comprises the smallest but most diverse of the world’s six floral kingdoms. Find out more on theĀ Cape PointĀ ā€‹ā€‹ā€‹ā€‹ā€‹website


Ā  Can I stay at UCT?

The University regularly hosts visitors and has a variety of accommodation available on and off campus:

Ā  Other places to stay?

All accommodation options in this list are within 10km of UCT and have a rating of more than 3.5 stars on Google reviews or higher than 7.5 on booking.com. We cannot vouch for any of these accommodation options, but they should give a good idea of where to start looking. AirBnb listings and University Res accommodation are not included here.

Under R500 per night

Between R500-R1000 per night

Over R1000 per night

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  • To viewĀ directions to UCT locationsĀ and routes, seeĀ UCT route maps
  • To find out what’s happening at UCT, seeĀ UCT News